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    Axial Fans
    Caldwell axial fans operate at 3450 rpm to deliver maximum air performance in low static pressure applications.
    Diameters range from 12" to 28", with horsepower ranging from .75 to 12.5. Fan housings are constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel and equipped with safety screens to meet OSHA standards.
    Single phase units incorporate a permanent split capacitor start motor for the best single phase motor reliability.

    Centrífugal Fans
    Caldwell Centrifugal Fans are produced in 1750 rpm models for higher static pressure applications and 3500 rpm models for very high static pressure uses and offer quiet, dependable performance. These fans are available in sizes ranging from 15" to 36" with horsepower from 3 to 100. Most units are available for single or three- phase operation.
    Pre-wired for heater installa¬tion, each fan con¬tains a built-in magnetic starter control for overload protection. As an option, humidistat controls are available. Dynamically and statically balanced wire welded fan wheels are standard because of proven performance.

    Heaters, designed to work with the Axial or Centrifugal Fans, create a complete drying system.

    In-line Centrifugal Fan
    Caldwell's exclusive In-Line Centrifugal Fans offer a compact design. A specially engineered air baffle is built into every In-Line Centrifugal Fan to ensure proper air flow and to maximize air performance.
    For medium static pressure applications, these fans operate at 3450 rpm. These fans are available in sizes ranging from 14" to 28" and with horsepower from 1 to 15. Available in single or three-phase units, these fans can be used in most general storage applications.

    Fan/Heater Combination
    Unlike Borne drying systems, Caldwell units ship separate. The housings are constructed from galvanized steel for durability and include a screen guard for safety.
    The Centrifugal Heater has an enlarged service door for easier accessibility and a larger control box now located on top of the heater, adding more room. Heaters are available in natural gas, vapor propane and liquid propane units. Centrifugal fans can be equipped with either a ODP or TEFC motor. In-line fans (ODP), axial fan (TEAO).

    In Bin or Flat Storage Aeration Systems

    Caldwell fans are available in a variety of models and sizes to fit almost any application or system. With details such as complete galvanized housings, energy efficient motors and built-in safety standards, Caldwell fans provide maximum performance and dependable service year after year.
    Most fans come equipped with leveling feet and lifting hooks for ease of installation. Fans are available to be wired with optional 230, 460 or 575 volt controls.

    Caldwell Systems are custom designed for each specific application. Choose from either Panel Grate Systems or Flush Floor Systems with the configuration of your choice depending on your needs. Available in a variety of sizes up to 61 wide, Caldwell can design a custom fit to ensure proper air flow. Both systems are perforated for unrestricted air flow. Panel Grates are available with internal I-beams and perforated webbing for heavier loads or larger storage areas. Flush Floor Systems have interlocking panels for smaller storage areas.

    Floor supports are available in a variety of sizes to support grain floors in heights ranging from 3" to 17" in 16 or 18 gauge galvanized steel.

    Caldwell Channellock Floor Systems are constructed with strength in mind. U sing galvanized steel, each floor panel is 7" wide with deep corrugation for additional strength. The interlocking panels are perforated from .094" to .050" to ensure proper aeration and drying and durable support for material. The .094 is available in 20 or 18 gauge. An arch built into the panel causes the sections to lock even tighter when grain is loaded. Designed for all standard bin diameters and for grain depths up to 100'.