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    Caldwell Bucket Elevators are designed for optimum efficiency and ease of maintenance to deliver me commodity wim virtually no damage. Our exclusive low praflle head design prevents breakage by eliminating damage causing impact points. We fabricate our components from heavy gauge material wim hard tooled multiple punch setups, automated numerical controlled punch machines and fixture welded assemblies. Caldwell's attention to detail, such as 1/4" (6.35mm) uremane liners, easy oren hinged discharge inspection door, bearing jack bolts and stops, lifting hooks, and head hood slide clamp s pravide extra convenience to a quality system.
    Combining our manufa.cturing sta.nda.rds, hea.vy duty ma.terials, efficient designs and of experience, results in a. state of the art product that provides unrelenting performance for years to come.

    Heavy duty crown faced slide lagged or vulcanized lagged drum head pulleys are purchased from a company who mainly manufactures pulleys for the mining industry. The head pulley utilizes the XT Bushing System developed especially for Bucket Elevator applications. This system provides a better concentrated grip to help eliminate !he possibility of the pulley "walking" the shaft. The standard slide lagging or vulcanized rubber lagging used is rated "S.O.E" static conducting, oil resistant, and fuel retardant.

    Convenience, safety and strength are three words that describe Caldwell Bucket Elevators. . . especially the boot section. The same manufacturing and quality material standards from the head section, are incorporated into the boot section. Our unique hat section bottom panel is built 2 1/4" (57.15mm) off the ground to prevent material fram standing in shallow water. Elevators with capacities as low as 1250 CFH have boot sections manufactured fram 7GA (4.55mm) hot ralled material or 8GA (4.26mm) galvanized steeL Between the boot side panel and the bearing take up plate is a 1/8" (3.17mm) thick UHMW plastic sheet to act as both a shaft seal and bearing surface for no seize travel of the bearing take up plate. There are several inspection doors on the boot section, including two pulley bushing access doors which allow inspection and maintenance of bushings.
    Both manual or gravity type take up boot sections are offered, with a choice of either pillow block bearings for standard conditions or extended mount flange bearings for extreme dust type applications of dense or powder type materials.

    Series 200 and 300 hall bearing pillow blocks are used for standard application and series 200 and 300 hall bearing extended mount flange bearings are used in severe dust type applications. Shafts are fabricated from a minimum CRI045 material.

    An inspection door located on each side of the boot section provides access to the XT Bushing System on the heavy duty drum or self-clean¬ing winged Pulley.

    Each boot section comes standard Wlth 45° cleanout sections on each end panel.

    Caldwell takes great pride in producing the straightest and truest trunk sections possible. Each section starts by welding the trunk flanges together in the flange welding fixtures. The flanges are gang punched so every hole is posi¬tioned exactly in the same place in every flange. The trunk bodies run through the leveling table one by one to correct any twists to insure all sections are as straight as possible. The sections continue through the state of the art trunk table, where machined surface face plates are pinned for each hole of each size of trunk flange. The face plates then mount to a fixed bulkhead at one end and a hydraulic operated bulkhead at the other end. A clinometer measures the angle of the bulkheads clown to the seconds. Each trunk section is bolted together to reconfll'ill their straightness. This thorough process, enables Caldwell to provide the straightest and truest trunk sections available.

    The 5' heavy duty inspection section comes with replace¬able front and back covers are interchangeable to allow the inspection pocket to be placed in either the upper or lower position. An easy open inspection door allows you to view the fill of the buckets. The 45° inspection pocket prevents material buildup.

    Trunk sections are available in several types of construction.
    Trunking sections with lockfonn seams come in 14GA (2mm) painted and galvanized sections with angle reinforcing when required. Also offered are continuously welded 12GA (2.75mm), lIGA (3.13mm), 7GA (4.55mm), and 1/4" (6.35mm) plate painted trunk sections, and we manufacture 12GA (2.75mm), lIGA (3.13mm), and f!I2sA (4.26mm) dust tight bolt together galvanized trunk sections. The end flanges on each trunk section are continuously welded on all construction types. (12GA bolt together trunk shown)

    A complete line of Polyethylene buckets is offered with either PVC or rubber covered belting. Steel or stainless steel buckets are available in standard or digger type designo Urethane or nylon buckets can be provided for extreme applications. For the seed industry, 1/2" (12.7mm) bucket spacers are available.