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    Caldwell's horizontal chain conveyors are built to satisfy your needs. A flexible design allows several options in constructing the conveyor that will fit most applications. A combination of exterior gauging, replaceable abrasion resistant liners, chain types, sprocket options, paddles and speed requirements are offered to provide quality service in many applications for years to come. Heavy duty purchased components along with manufactured components fabricated on hard tooled multiple punching fixtures, numerical controlled punching machines, and fixture welded assembles ensure ease of assembly and years of performance. With Caldwell's years of experience and knowledge on different materials, we stand ready to design and build a conveyor for your application.

    A bolt on panel is provided which can be removed so the shaft, bearings and sprocket can be lifted out as one unit.

    Two styles of chain returns are offered. UHMW Idlers are typically used for conveyor widths of 8.75" up to 16.75". Angle return rails are used on 16.75" and wider.

    The integral staggered seam construction provides a flush connection throughout the interior of the conveyor. Since there is no welding at the intermediate connec¬tions, the galvanized intermediate sections will provide a maintenance free exterior for many years to come.

    Depending on thee application, a medium duty series 300 ball bearing pillow blocks or double row spherical or tapered roller bearing pillow blocks are used.

    Caldwell offers 3 types of chain. The fmt chain is a 2.61" pitch steel bush raller chain mat is used in me smaller capacity conveyors. The 2.61" pitch raller chain has a one-piece raller, many chains of this size have a seam in me raller which increases wear and leads to an earlier failure. F or larger capacity and longer length conveyors a 3.75" pitch engineering class steel bush taller chain is supplied. The third chain offered for me highest capacity and longest conveyors is a 6" pitch knuckle chain. The pin and raller are combined for increased strength and to assure long life. The 3.75 pitch and 6.0' pitch chains are bom engineering class chains. These chains have press fit links to minimize wear and increase strength. All chains have hardened pins, rollers and sidebars.

    A choice of material is offered for me conveyor paddles depending on me application. As standard, a virgin UHMW paddle can be used in thicknesses of 1/4" (6.4mm), 3/8" (9.5mm), and 1/2" (12.7mm). Nylon or steel paddles are also available depending on application. (3.75 Steel Bushed Roller Chain shown.) Nyloc locking nuts are used for paddle attachment. The nylon inserts insures me paddle will not come loose.